Happy Trailer


The football club have kindly donated the use of their advertising trailer to us to give the Trust In Killie initiative a boost.

A huge shout out also to See Saw Creative and Centurion Signs UK who put this together for us "because we're Killie" in no time at all.

We should get a good few months out of it and then we will transfer it back to the club for next term’s season ticket campaign, and then we can swap over again.

Meanwhile we have to try and make the best of the time we have the trailer for, so we are looking to our membership for someone who would be able to take control of the project and get it out and about.

This would involve being old enough to have a driving license with the correct category, for this you would have to have passed your test before 1st January 1997.

You would have to hook it up and take it back and find suitable places to leave it for several hours, and get permission from the relevant land owners - or organise some volunteers that are equally qualified to help you with it!

There will of course be a lot to sort out in terms of vehicles with tow bars, petrol costs, insurance etc. but those are things that we can sort out prior to going on the move, no one will end up out of pocket of course.

If you are interested in helping out, even as one of said volunteers, then please contact KillieFC.com@gmail.com and we will get back in touch with you.

And if you see our person out there…give them a wave!

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