Jim Thomson

Newsletter & Website Editor

"I have been part of the YK family from the beginning, way back in the KGB (Killie Girls & Boys) days, with all my children having benefitted from being members throughout the years.

I was delighted when I was asked to join the committee in 2009 to try and repay the organisation for all the memorable and fun events and trips that my whole family have enjoyed.

I’m currently the editor of the YK website and newsletter, seretary and all round go-fer, because I have the time to do it, being retired.

I’m a former crime fighter with a background in community and multi-agency work, who started my career in the east end of Glasgow and then eventually all over Ayrshire. I hung up my cape in 2008, after over 30 years’ service to devote even more time to ‘the Killie cause’ (when not at gigs or on the golf course).

I have followed Killie, both home and away since 1968, through the teams many ‘ups and downs’ and have the grey hair to prove it. I’m a long standing season ticket holder, minor shareholder, original Executive Club member (still got the keyring) and owner of another brick in the wall (East Stand).

I am also the Killie Trust chairman, was drafted onto the KFCSA Committee in 2015 to complete the Supporters Group set and intend to work towards repatriating YK with KFC again."

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